5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having an Off-site Data Backups

cloudbackup3Any organization and every individual who holds some value to their data should protect it just in case they need it. Organizations require to keep their customer, financial, inventory, employee and production records. This is only possible if one understands the importance and reasons as to why data backups are essential. However, most medium sized to small sized business do not backup their data or if they do, they use poor means that cannot ensure protection of their data against theft, compromise or loss. One of the best ways to ensure that your data is protected is, use of offsite data backups. Below are discussed reasons why offsite data backups should be considered.

Audits, taxes and archives

Maintaining records of the business is very crucial and in most cases mandatory. The records may be stored for many years for certain regulations such as tax purposes. It is true that a computer can store data for as long as it is okay, but what happens when the device crashes in such a way that data is unrecoverable? All your data gets lost and you start from scratch with major inconveniences. This shows you just how important having an offsite data backup is regarding client information. It is clearly not a luxury, but a necessity.

Malicious attempt or mistake

Regardless of the number of employees your firm has, mistakes are inevitable. Some of the mistakes though might cost your company a lot as one of your employees might just click a button accidentally and end up deleting or changing important information in the computer. An email might also be opened while containing viruses leading to corrupted data. Consider taking incremental snapshots frequently in order to minimize the mistakes. This can help restore information from a taken snapshot prior to the virus attacking your files.

Deadly downtime

Reputation damage, reduced productivity, loss of revenue and breaches in security can be as a result of serious outages. Your company might run at a great loss in case the unexpected happened. In most cases, loss of critical data to a firm leads to the closure of the whole firm for about two years. This is a great loss, especially from something that could have been prevented.

Doing work twice

When a computer full of important document crashes and is unrecoverable, there is no bad experience as such for business people. You not only lose essential client records and important documents, but also spend another hectic time trying to re-create spreadsheets or re-doing the work you have been handling for months. You cannot replace work worth years and it is really boring and tiring going over the same work you had done and leaving urgent matters that need to be attended to.


This not only applies to organizations, but also to individuals. There is a risk that faces all your mobile computing devices. If you had not backed up your data, it is impossible to recover your data. All your contacts are gone with the device and you cannot retrieve them from somewhere. You should, therefore, ensure that any piece of your sensitive data is backed up because you should never lose it for good.

Always have the above reasons in mind and by remembering them, take a step of creating an off-site backup strategy and keep yourself from losing critical data. This will go a long way to give you peace of mind, even when the unexpected happens.